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Toolbox International Creative Academy

17-29 April 2023 - TICA Festival


TICA Festival 2023

Toolbox International Creative Academy, TICA is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. TICA provides an assortment of programmes aiming to achieve professional apprenticeship and avail deep-learning occasions for practising musicians with industrial veterans. Exploring innovative technique on strings and percussion set the tone of this series, forging incubation and professional furtherance as well as connecting every you and me in the name of music.


Toolbox Percussion x Del Sol Quartet

Events ( 17/4 - 29/4 )

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5th TPICC Prize Announcement: 

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About the programme:

5 th TPICC 

TICA 2022


Aug 14 7.30 Salon Concert Screening with Duo Moitié

Aug 18 7.30 Reconnecting to the World through Creativity, Heritage and Technology 


Youth Square
Aug 25 14.00 Creative Writing on Performance Art with AI

Aug 25 15.00 Art Tech and Interactive Design for Storytelling
Aug 25 16.30 Hong Kong and Macau: Cultural Exchange Horizons

Aug 26 14:00 e-Orch Innovative Music Project  & Performance

Event Details & Registrations:

TICA Salon: Percussion Duo Moitié Screening Recital

Percussion Duo Moitié is a Korean percussion duo founded in 2010, comprising of June Hahn and Eunhye Kim. The unique repertoire consists of compositions written by Korean composers, arrangements for percussion of classical pieces by Bach, Scriabin, Piazzolla, Rimsky-Korsakov, Albeniz, Takemitsu and others. They have premiered more than 30 new musics and commissioned 8 pieces. 'Moitié' means ‘half’ in French, they donate half of their earnings to children with special needs.

Reconnecting to the World through Creativity, Heritage and Technology by Helen So, Winnie Yeung and Louis Siu
Exploring the unique intersection of art technology and conservation, we will be taking a deep dive into how the trend of using technology to aid heritage management, and how conservation can be an effective vehicle for ushering in the new.

Creative Writing on Performance Art with AI by Kelvin Choy@iCreator

Artificial Intelligence is progressing at an astonishing speed, where there are plenty of untapped potential in language learning. AI can analyse, imitate and even create sentences. Would it threaten human creativity? Is it a fairy tale for humans and AI to write collaboratively?

Art tech and interactive design for Storytelling by Sharon Tai@IOIO

What is ArtTech? Do artists care if you understand their work? Who owns the story of a work? What is the role of technology? This sharing aims to tease out some of the FAQs audience have towards media art and invite participants to shape their answers amid participatory experiment!

Hong Kong and Macau: Cultural Exchange Horizons by Yolanda Lam and Louis Siu
Our adjacent sister city Macau is not the first name that pops up  in the discussion of cultural exchange. What are the opportunities that exist so close to our own doorsteps?


e-Orch Innovative Music Project  & Performance

This performance will showcase the future of musical performance: a full multi-instrument experience, delivered from an orchestra of iPads! With the use of Hong Kong’s  very own collaborative music-making app, e-Orch by the Education University, we can get a glimpse of the music. Featuring the award-winning Grid Notation, music score-reading has been made easier than ever, making music-making much more accessible and easy for everyone. 

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