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Arts Management Internship Sharing

Arts Management Internship is a continuity of last year internship programme under TICA. This year, we gathered 7 interns who from 5 local universities. Our team was totally impressed by their work to #CONNECT with faculty teachers, #WORK in joint hands with TICA students, #JOIN the wide array of art occasions, #ASSIST in programme production and #CONTRIBUTE short reviews. Interns demonstrated meticulous attention to detail and superb working attitude. Not only did they gain invaluable experiences working with Toolbox Team, they also built long-term relationship and rapport with artists and TICA students!

What they said about TICA internship:

"I spent precious time with TICA students and had the chance to sit in TICA lectures teaching which I found enthusing and I enjoyed a lot (Definitely fun I assure!!)”

"I know more about music and music production and I am grateful that I joined TICA as an intern!"

"Those exhilarating workshops refined my definition of art!"

“The event brought out to myself a question- what are the significance and messages do I want to convey when hosting an art event?"

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