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David Herbert - TICA Percussion Program, Chair

Music's Picks

David Herbert, the honorary president of Toolbox’s Advisory Committee, is the principal timpanist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also been live streaming on Facebook to share music, life and many others.

His Music Picks
 ''It is kind of an odd choice, depressing music, especially this symphony is called 'tragic'. But the reason why I listen to it is that we were rehearsing and recording that during the 911 catastrophe. It was an intense time for the world and I remember they shut down San Francisco and the bridges. In a way, it reminded me of the situation now.'' - David Herbert

Symphony No. 6 in A minor: III. Andante moderato - San Francisco Symphony

SongList Recommendation: Schubert
''Schubert is my favourite composer. And I have been listening to Richter’s and Sokolov's piano playing.'' - David Herbert

Schubert: Impromptu 1 Op. 90 (D.899) - Grigory Sokolov

Schubert: Piano sonata (D.960) - Sviatoslav Richter

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