Artist Clinic

Date:  06  Jan 2021 (Wed) 20:00-21:30 HKT 

Speaker: Alain Chiu (Hong Kong multimedia artist and composer)

Topic: Perception of sound as a metaphor


How do we choose to distinguish between music from noise? The omnipresence of sound challenges our perception of sonic information. By bridging sonic arts and music, we create pathways to directly communicate with audiences’ perception of sound, space, and time. From Bach, John Cage, Max Neuhaus to the works of contemporary artists, this micro lecture meanders through different genres and look at ways to turn sonic perception into a powerful creative tool.

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Date:15 Jan 2021 (Fri) 20:00-21:30 HKT

Speaker: Samuel Chan (Hong Kong award-winning percussionist)

Topic: Classical Transcriptions on the Marimba Using Four-mallet Technique


Widely being regarded as the keyboard percussion instrument with the most versatility and expressive depth, the marimba has become a standard concert instrument in recent decades. Besides traditional marimba repertoire, it has become a common practice for percussionists these days to adapt classical pieces on the instrument. Among them, the most popular works are J.S. Bach’s violin or cello repertoire, but not much exploration has been done to classical music by other composers and for other instruments, such as piano or guitar. With the advancement of playing technique, it is becoming clear that there is a large aspect of polyphonic possibilities in marimba playing, proven by increasingly pianistic writing of modern marimba repertoire.

This clinic will further explore these polyphonic possibilities with a focus on how to play classical transcriptions on the marimba using four-mallet technique. There will be discussions of the benefit of playing transcriptions, as well as the concepts and principles that are important when playing transcriptions. These ideas will also be supported by demonstration of exercises to develop specific techniques and musical examples from my own transcriptions.

To better illustrate the topic, the clinic will include performance of several classical transcriptions on the marimba.

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Alain Chiu

Hong Kong multimedia artist and composer

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